Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas fireplace repair can be difficult in finding the source of the problem. If your gas fireplace is in need of repair, we can make the needed adjustments and repairs quickly and efficiently. No matter how minor or major the issue may be, our gas fireplace service professionals can detect the problem and offer a solution.

Gas Fireplace Common Problems

There could be many factors contributing to your gas fireplace problem. Finding the source of its disrepair is the first step in getting your fireplace back in good-working order. Some common gas fireplace issues include loose connections, faulty valves, pilot light failure, no ignition, or bad modules. Our gas fireplace repair experts can troubleshoot the problem and repair the issue in no time. The main components of a gas fire place system and its common problems include the following:

Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

The pilot light on a gas fireplace serves as the ignition source. Sometimes, this ignition light blows out and results in the fireplace not turning on. One can open the vent to see if the flame is out. If so, simple relight the pilot and see if the fireplace turns back on. However, if the pilot reignites but does not stay on, then there may be more complicated issues such as a faulty module.

Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

This device is a metal rod that comes between the burning pilot flame and gas valve. The thermocouple works as a temperature sensor and expends electricity to ignite the gas. Oftentimes, this device simply needs to be repositioned or be screwed on more securely. Because of the location of the thermocouple, it may be difficult to examine if wiring is correctly placed and functional.

Gas Fireplace Thermopile

The thermopile generates voltage by its sensor. In newer gas appliances, this thermopile is usually used in place of the thermocouple. To test if the thermopile is functioning properly, check its generator function to see how much energy it is emitting. Loose wiring can sometimes be the cause of the burner not turning on.

Gas Fireplace Repair Service

Maintaining your gas fireplace is the first step in preventing future service problems. Properly cleaning the glass, firebox, and vents will help to minimize soot, deposits and debris. If your gas fireplace is encountering bigger problems such as needing a gas valve replacement, has a gas leak, has faulty wiring, or any other combination of faulty performance, our fireplace repair services can pinpoint the issue and get it handled. Contact us today for a more information on fixing your gas fireplace!

Chimney Repairs

No matter what fireplace you have, it is important to get it evaluated annually & cleaned as needed.