Water-Damaged Chimney Repair

Water-Damaged Chimney Repair

Do you have water leaking in your chimney? Water is one of the fireplace's worst enemies because most chimneys are made from brick which is a porous material held together with mortar which is water soluble. The inside of your chimney is also likely made of metal which is susceptible to rust. Water can compromise your chimney's performance and structural integrity while having the tendency to cause hidden damage. For water-damaged chimney repair, consult with our trained technicians to remedy your chimney problems.

Chimney Leaking

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

There are a few main causes for the vast majority of leaking chimneys. Our chimney technicians will diagnose any water leaks within your chimney structure to determine the cause and fix it.

1. Water Entering from the Top

A chimney without a cover allows a lot of rain to fall into the chimney, as well as animals and debris. A chimney cover is essential to block debris and water from entering the chimney.

2. Cracked Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the cement portion at the top of the chimney. Bricks go up around tile flue liners, but something is necessary at the top to stop water from falling around the tiles. Chimney crowns eventually begin to crack from shifts in the structure, and water can flow right through these cracks. Even small cracks should be repaired quickly before they worsen, as freezing and thawing water will force small cracks to become larger. If chimney crown damage becomes too significant, the crown must be removed and replaced.

3. Leaking Bricks

In some cases, the bricks themselves may be leaking as they are porous. Waterproofing a chimney can be a solution, but it must be done properly to avoid trapping water and causing more damage.

4. Chase Covers

In manufactured or prefab fireplaces, water leakage is often caused by the chase cover at the top of the flue pipe exit. Chase covers may eventually buckle over time and hold pooling water. Advanced Chimney Cleaning can replace your chase cover with a new custom sheet metal chase cover design to fit your specific application.

Have a Chimney Leak?

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If you hear or observe water dripping into your firebox, streaking down the firebox wall or from a wall or ceiling near the fireplace, contact us to schedule an appointment. Water leaks have the potential to do extensive damage to your chimney system. The sooner the problem is fixed, the safer your chimney is for your family and the less damage it can do to your home.

Chimney Repairs

No matter what fireplace you have, it is important to get it evaluated annually & cleaned as needed.