Chimney Repairs

We all enjoy having a fire on a cold evening to warm our home and enjoy the atmosphere that only a fireplace can provide. But like all of our appliances, a chimney and fireplace require routine maintenance to keep it operating within building code standards and in an efficient manner.

Advanced Chimney Cleaning offers a wide variety of high-quality fireplace and chimney services to ensure your chimney is within building code standards and operational. Issues are frequently discovered during a routine chimney inspection. If this is the case, our chimney technicians will recommend the appropriate service or replacement and give you an estimate of the cost.

Chimney Crown Repair
Fireplace Screen Replacement

Prefab Refractory Wall Replacement

The firebox in a prefabricated or factory-made fireplace is made from very strong, heat-resistant refractory panels that are designed to handle the heat in the fireplace. Eventually, the panels can show signs of deterioration. Advanced Chimney Cleaning will assess whether the panels require replacement during your annual inspection and perform the service when it is necessary. If you notice deterioration or cracks in the walls or floor of the firebox, however, call us to inspect it! It’s a potential fire hazard to use a fireplace with cracks.

After a new refractory wall has been installed in your zero-clearance, factory-built fireplace, the manufacturer urges that for the first six times your fireplace is used, that the fires be very small in order to cure the material. No less than six small fires with a duration of 30 to 40 minutes per fire, with at least an hour of cooling time in between fires should be burned in order to cure the walls.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown repair service for masonry fireplaces ensures your chimney is safe and avoids leaks. The chimney is vulnerable to leaks from the roofline up, and several components are designed to prevent leaks. The chimney crown is in constant contact with the elements and typically develops cracks over time. These cracks can widen and allow water to make its way into your chimney system, where it can erode masonry, damage the flue liner and degrade the chimney. Water can even make its way into small cracks in the chimney crown, allowing it to freeze and expand, eventually cracking the masonry crown.

Our chimney technicians will assess the extent of the chimney crown damage and recommend the most sensible repair solution. For small cracks and damage that have not harmed the integrity of the chimney crown, we can most likely repair it and apply a water-repelling sealant to fill in the cracks. More extensive damage will require that we build a new chimney crown for many years of protection.

Dryer Vent Rerouting
Fireplace Repairs

Prefab Fireplace Screen Replacement

Advanced Chimney Cleaning can install and replace hearth or fireplace screens, which are designed to catch any flying sparks that may burn holes in your flooring, harm anyone near the fireplace or start a fire. Mesh fireplace screens eventually begin to corrode, or may get stuck in the track that allows them to open and close. If your screen is becoming difficult to use or looks worn out, we will install a replacement that improves the appearance and safety of your fireplace.

There are also many styles available today to choose from, including traditional hanging mesh screens, two- or four-pane gate-style screens and more.

Chimney Repairs

A disconnected chimney is always a cause for concern.  Our inspection camera allows us to accurately detect this condition, oftentimes avoiding intrusive methods that can become very expensive! 

Flue Cap Installation

Flue Cap Installation and Replacement for Masonry Chimneys

A flue cap is installed at the top of your chimney to prevent rain, debris and animals from entering the chimney. Some caps also have a spark arrestor screen that prevents sparks from leaving your chimney and landing on your roof. Flue cap installation or replacement is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive service that can prevent several problems with your chimney system and potentially save you thousands in unnecessary chimney repair expenses down the road.

Prefab Fireplace Termination Cap Replacement

At the top of the flue is a chase cover and a termination cap (chimney cap).

It sounds complicated, but to make it real simple, it is basically a box with a pipe attached to it that leads out through the roof. At the top of the pipe, there is a cap to keep rain and animals out.

Prefab chimneys require a specific type of chimney cap based on the piping used for the chimney, whether it is solid insulated or air cooled. There are many types of termination caps, and your existing cap may be replaced if you have draft problems.

If you have problems with your chimney or fireplace, whether it is due to damage, normal wear and tear or animal nests or infestation, contact the experts at Advanced Chimney Cleaning today to restore function and safety to your chimney system!

Prefab Fireplace Termination Cap Replacement
Chimney Repairs

No matter what fireplace you have, it is important to get it evaluated annually & cleaned as needed.